Helichrysum Italicum

Immortelle from the heart of Herzegovina

Immortelle is a self-seeding Mediterranean plant with a golden yellow head which grows on sunbathed rocky terrains, slopes and rock ruptures. Immortelle flower head is often given the attribute immortal, and is considered an everlasting treasury of therapeutic compounds, container of the potent essential oil which removes the traces of time from a person’s face.

Even the Ancient Greeks regarded immortelle as an excellent wound ointment. It functions regenerative because of its unique structure - it restores damaged tissue, but also anti-inflammatory, analgetic, anaesthetic, and spasmolytic hence it relieves spasms and pain in muscles after labour.


The Land of Sun and Rock


Nature has bestowed Herzegovina with sub-Mediterranean and Mediterranean climates, along with abundance of sunlight and clean water. Here, hardworking people cultivate and harvest the fruits of grape vines, Mediterranean fruits and vegetables in a traditional and organic way.

Herzegovina is a region in which Mediterranean fruits and vegetables flourish, and many call it “California” of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Grape vines, figs, peaches, tangerines, apples, rose hips, olives and other sorts flourish here, along with medicinal plants such as sage, winter savory and immortelle.

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Immortelle Herzegovina

We are a team that cultivates and refines immortelle on the Herzegovinian rocky terrain. Immortelle is a plant in which we have recognized the best that nature has to offer!

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